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2014 Cloth Diaper Business Conference & RDIA Annual Meeting

September 5-7, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

"If everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself." ~ Henry Ford. 

Our industry is faced with a myriad of challenges.  Today's businesses must meet the competition head on through ingenuity and innovation - by thoroughly understanding our customers, and maximizing the use of available and advancing technologies.

RDIA's 7th Annual Meeting, "Moving Forward Together" provided attendees with concrete information and tools to greet today's and tomorrow's challenges. RDIA is committed to insuring small independent business – retailers, diaper services, manufacturers, artisans and associates – enjoy a level playing field. When we come together to discuss the issues specifically impacting our industry, we solidify the future of the cloth diaper industry.

Join us next year! October 16-18, 2015 in Las Vegas.

2014 Event Sponsors

September 5-7, Las Vegas, Nevada

in conjunction with the ABC Kids Expo

Conference Highlights 

Flammability Testing presentation

Neal Cohen, the Small Business Ombudsman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission provided specific guidance on the testing requirements for various cloth diaper products and detailed what manufacturers and artisans need to do to ensure their products are CPSC compliant. 


Panel Discussion: Implementing CPSC Guidelines in Your Business

Panelists: Neal Cohen (CPSC), Handmade Toy Alliance (invited), Rochelle Price, (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance), Misty Henry (WAHM Alliance)

RDIA is collaborating with the HTA, BCIA, and WAHM Alliance to co-author a guidance document to assist manufacturers in navigating through the many CPSC guidelines. Stay tuned for the final handbook in 2015. 

Workshop: Planning Cloth Diaper Education Classes for your Business

Presented by Sara Moore, owner of Ju-Ju Monkey and board member of both Real Diaper Association and RDIA.

Sara guided attendees through the design and structure of cloth diaper education classes they can offer their customers as a way to promote the use of cloth and strengthen their connections with their clientele.


Handwashing Flats, it is possible!

Cloth diapering can be very economical. With a few simple items your customers can even hand wash their diapers successfully. Janice Roodsari, diaper circle leader for the Real Diaper Association, discussed her work with low income families in Southern CA through her personal handwashing flats project. 

Retail in a Digital World

Presented by Brian Kilcourse, Retail Systems Research

Brick & mortar retailers know customers are on their phones in the store. Creating an omni-channel experience keeps customers engaged on your digital properties while they are shopping in your physical store. Brian Kilcourse provided a broad overview of the current trends in retail and expert advise on what companies can do now to improve their impact with customers.

Elements of an Effective Social Media Strategy

Strategic social media use can help you reach new customers and strengthen your brand visibility. Be real, be focused and be consistent and you will see positive results.

Presented by Mike Bitter, CEO of Affordable Social Media, Inc.

Presentation: About Us

You know that lonely page on your website where you avoid saying much about yourself and you hope that no one notices? They notice. What a missed opportunity. I don’t just want you to have an awesome About Us page on your website; I want you to think about what makes you and your store different from every other baby store---and different from online mega-stores. You are going to tell a story that shows every visitor how amazing you and your store are. That one little page on your website is only the beginning of the opportunity. Once you embrace what makes you (the customer experience of your store) stand out from the crowd, you will use that story to connect with your customers. You will walk away from this workshop ready to spice up your online presence so you can build genuine relationships with customers based on who you really are. It’s something Amazon can’t and won’t do, and that’s why being human is one of your greatest strengths.

Presented by Lori Taylor, 3Stream and RDIA Founder and Emeritus Board Member.

Workshop: About Them

Do your product descriptions draw your website visitors in and help them visualize the product in their lives? Or, are your descriptions about you, about “our product” and what “we offer”? The difference may seem subtle, but one version attracts and the other repels. Which will you use? In this workshop, we will use your frequently asked questions to understand your customers better. We will map the buyer’s journey and look at your customers’ needs at each step along the way. Expect to get up and move around a lot, because we are going to build this map together. When you understand who the customer is and what she needs, you will find that you can transform product descriptions, how-to articles, and the rest of your web content to speak directly to the real needs of real people. Get out the sticky notes.

Facilitated by Lori Taylor of 3Stream and RDIA Founder and Emeritus Board Member.

Sunday, September 7th

Diaper Services Day
Join us for a full day of informational workshops and presentations from fellow business owners, leading chemical companies, diaper manufacturers, and equipment vendors. Attendees participatefd in the following workshops. 

Setting up Commercial Laundry Facilities, Modernizing Diaper Services, Diaper Service AIO: From Dream to Reality, Laundering Diapers Professionally, Efficient Delivery Systems, Diversifying, Marketing Roundtable, and Diaper Service Accreditation.

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