Promoting the Cloth Diaper Industry

2011 RDIA Cloth Diaper Business Conference

Spreading Cloth Diapers Locally with RDA
Incentives, Subsidies, and More
Wednesday, September 28, 9:00 – 10:20AM

Want to see more local cloth diaper use? Join RDA efforts to help families in your community learn about and acquire reusable cloth diapers.

Imagine a community where a majority of families use cloth diapers. This isn’t a virtual community, but your actual neighborhood. Where do these families get their diapers? You, of course! But how did they all choose cloth diapers? The Samsons got a flyer about an incentive program for purchasing cloth diapers from their municipal waste agency. The Hsus read about the same incentive program in the local paper but 

used it to subsidize a diaper service. Meanwhile, the Hailes got some cloth diapers from the local refugee support group and the Delmonicos got a certificate (to your store) from another local social service agency. All are participating in their local Real Diaper Circle, where they receive support and help spread cloth diapering to other families. The Jacksons saw these Real Diaper babies in the park and joined the group to find out more. Please join Heather McNamara of the Real Diaper Association for this breakout session as we (yes, “we” includes YOU!) move forward in making this scenario a reality.

Heather McNamara

Executive Director, Real Diaper Association (RDIA member, Associate)
Leader, San Diego County Real Diaper Circle

As Executive Director of the Real Diaper Association, Heather McNamara enjoys her leadership position in the cloth diaper movement. 

A passionate advocate for reuse, an ardent seeker of the natural world, and a part-time WAHM (to two full-time little boys), Heather is representative of families who come to cloth diapers for all the main reasons – environmental, health, and cost. She also enjoys forming relationships within and between the cloth diapering movement and environmental- and family health-protection movements. 

Constantly striving to find a balance in a heavily technologically-connected world, Heather conducts her work both via social networking AND by leading cloth diaper advocacy activities locally, face-to-face in her community of San Diego, CA.


Heather McNamara
Real Diaper Association

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