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Every few years, it is standard for associations to review the make-up of their members and modify board representation to accurately reflect their membership. For example, diaper service membership had grown considerably, but diaper services were still represented by only two board members. With this discrepancy and others in mind, the RDIA board proposed By-Law changes in September of 2011, and these By-Law changes were overwhelmingly passed by 49-3 on February 7, 2012.  

These changes improve our association in many ways.
  • Representation reflects current membership with fewer manufacturers and retailers and more diaper services as well as cross-category at-large seats
  • "Small Manufacturers" become Artisan Manufacturers, adding "handmade" to the category definition, more clearly representing the ways these cloth diaper makers work
  • Manufacturer members are less limited with the elimination of specific criteria for membership
  • Cloth Diaper Information Services category eliminated and those members are welcomed into the Associate category, leaving trade membership for those who make, sell, and rent cloth diapers
For more details, see the blog post by Chair, Mandi Meidlinger (Jillian's Drawers). 

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The board members, committee chairs and other volunteers who make the Real Diaper Association work are all business owners or representatives of businesses in the cloth diaper industry.

If you are a business owner or representative of a cloth diaper business, this is your trade association, too. Please join Real Diaper Industry Association. All of us can improve business conditions together.

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