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RDIA Bylaws allow for two types of Committees: Committees of the Board and Advisory Committees.  Committees of the Board consist only of Directors.  Advisory Committees can include any number of Directors and other members.

Several Committees, Working Groups, and Projects are currently actively working to accomplish annual goals.  

For members interested in joining these committees and working groups, contact

Advisory Committees

  • Conference & Annual meeting - Responsible for planning and carrying out 2013 cloth diaper business conference and RDIA annual meeting. Chair, Michelle Caparoula (Changin' Time Diaper Service).
  • Sponsorship Committee - Track and publicize sponsorship opportunities. Chair, Matt Guckin (Diaper Junction).

Working Groups & Projects

  • Artisan Resource Book project - Create best practices guidebook for artisans, following the "How to Start a Diaper Service Kit" model. Chair, Christine Munn (es baby).

  • Cloth Diapers in Daycare project maintenance - Joint project with RDA and RDIA, responsible for facilitating the use of cloth diapers in daycare. Chair, Heather McNamara (Real Diaper Association)

  • Communications team - Responsible for communications with members and the public. Chair, Lori Taylor (Fuzbaby); blog and website, Michelle Caparoula (Changin' Time); social media, Abbie Vander Meulen (Mom's Milk Boutique); and webinars, Mia McDonald (Mother Earth Diaper Service).

  • Consider Cloth Kit project - Update the cloth diaper demo kit distributed to doulas and childbirth educators. Chair, Dennis Frederick (All Together Diaper / OsoCozy). 

  • project - Responsible for launch of a consumer-oriented website to support the Consider Cloth diaper demo kit. Chair, Matt Guckin (Diaper Junction), and Michelle Caparoula (Changin' Time).

  • Diaper Service Accreditation update - Update program in second year based on feedback from program participants. Chair, Mia McDonald (Mother Earth Diaper Service). 

  • Group Discounts update - Update group discounts offered to members through third-party vendors. Chair, Abbie Vander Meulen (Mom's Milk Boutique).

  • Laundry working group - Responsible for laundry science updates for members.  Chair, Shirley Murdock (Bummis).

Committees of the Board

  • Executive Committee - Officers of the Board, responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization.  Members: Chair, Catherine Bolden (The Willow Store / Sprout Change); Vice Chair, Michelle Caparoula (Changin' Time); and Treasurer, Dennis Frederick (All Together Diaper / OsoCozy).

  • 2013 Nominating Committee - Responsible for elections to Board of Directors. Create calendar, recruit candidates, and mail ballots. Chair, Abbie Vander Meulen (Mom's Milk Boutique)

  • Recruiting & Retention - Seeking referrals for new members, both trade and associate. Chair, Mandi Meidlinger (Jillian's Drawers).
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