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  • 11 Apr 2011 10:30 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Dandy Diaper Service (Diaper Service)
    RDIA member since 13 January 2011
    Southwest Harbor, Maine

    Dandy Diaper Service in Southwest Harbor MaineDandy Diaper Service hopes to capitalize on cloth diaper rebirth

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine -  From a storefront just off Main Street in Southwest Harbor, Hudson washes, dries and folds parents’ cloth diapers and delivers fresh ones every week. Her service provides parents the option of using cloth diapers without having to do the messy cleaning in their own homes.

    “You never think, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a diaper cleaner,’” the 33-year-old Georgia native said Saturday from her store, which opened in January. “But it’s something I would have loved to have as a parent, and there is definitely a need.”

    Hudson’s two children, a 6-year-old and an almost 4-year-old, are out of diapers now, but she and her husband, a local lobsterman, did use cloth diapers with her youngest. There was no diaper service then, so they did all the work themselves.

    Dandy Diapers in Bangor Daily News

  • 27 Mar 2011 3:21 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Dandy Diaper ServiceCClean Bee Laundrylean Bee Laundry (Diaper Service)
    RDIA Charter Member Since 4 October 2008
    Camden, Maine

    Dandy Diaper Service (Diaper Service)
    RDIA Member Since 13 January 2011
    Southwest Harbor, Maine

    Maine Diaper Services on the Air

    Liz Hudson of Dandy Diaper Service and Jennifer Temple of Clean Bee Laundry, both of Maine, were recently interviewed on WERU 89.9 Blue Hill radio. They were the featured guests of the show Baby Talk.

    The conversation focused on the basics of cloth diapering as well as the how tos and whys of using a cloth diaper service. Host Cathy Jacobs was surprised by the number of call-in questions they received from listeners. The phone was still ringing at the end of the hour!

    The archived show can be heard online.
  • 16 Mar 2011 7:42 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Mountain Green (associate)
    Member since 29 December 2010
    Tempe, Arizona

    Mountain Green laundry products for cloth diapersMountain Green products now available at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts

    Mountain Green laundry products at Jo-Ann

  • 01 Mar 2011 2:35 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Z Bear Diapers (retailer)
    Member since 10 September 2008
    Holt, Michigan

    Z Bear DiapersZ. Bear Diapers - Eco-friendly baby care!

    Stephanie White, owner of Z Bear Diapers, was recently interviewed for a profile in the newsletter of her local Downtown Development Authority, Our Town.
    About a year and a half ago, Z. Bear Diapers outgrew Stephanie’s home storage space. She and Joe found a space that would fill the need for additional storage and also accommodate a small showroom, and the next phase of Z. Bear began.

    “There’s so much information online about cloth diapering, it can get really overwhelming really fast,” she said. “I wanted to be a local resource so parents can come in and see firsthand the different options that are available.”

    Stephanie also does cloth diapering consultations at the store, and local customers can pick up orders there as well. She estimates that 85-90 percent of her business is local. “That’s what I love,” she said.

    Read the full profile.

    Z Bear Diapers profile
  • 10 Feb 2011 11:15 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Jillian's Drawers (Retailer)
    RDIA Charter Member since 10 Sep 2008
    Ithaca, New York

    Jillian's Drawers cloth diapersJillian's Drawers wins "Best of Downtown Ithaca" award

    The Ithaca Journal reported that Jillian's Drawers was among this year's Downtown Ithaca award winners in the area of retail achievement. 
    "The Downtown Ithaca Alliance hosted its annual dinner Monday at the Finger Lakes Wine Center with 11 individuals and businesses receiving awards for their service and work in downtown." 

    You can see the Jillian's Drawers team with their awards on their Facebook page. 
  • 31 Jan 2011 9:07 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Clean Bee Laundry (Diaper Service)
    RDIA Charter Member Since 4 Oct 2008
    Camden, Maine

    Clean Bee LaundryClean Bee Expands to Belfast

    BELFAST, MAINE, January 27, 2011 - Clean Bee Laundry has opened at 104 Lincolnville Avenue in Belfast, next to Family Dollar and Dirigo Glass. Owners Broo and Jennifer Temple began business in 2005 as Buzzie Bee Diapers, a cloth diaper service and supply company based in Rockland that served the Belfast to Waldoboro area. The diaper service is now under the Clean Bee name. "We learned so much about green laundry techniques and stain removal with the diaper service that we've decided to grow our business by also serving the wider population's laundry needs," says Jennifer Temple.

  • 02 Dec 2010 10:57 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Handmade Toy Alliance (Associate member)
    RDIA Member Since 27 July 2010
    Stamford, Connecticut
    Handmade Toy Alliance logo

    Handmade Toy Alliance to Testify at Senate Commerce Sub-Committee Oversight Hearing

    The Handmade Toy Alliance (HTA) will testify on Thursday December 2nd at a Senate Commerce Sub-Committee oversight hearing regarding the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

    The Handmade Toy Alliance (HTA) will testify on Thursday December 2nd at a Senate Commerce Sub-Committee oversight hearing regarding the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). HTA board member Jill Chuckas (Crafty Baby – CT), Board Member Randy Hertzler (euroSource – PA) and Board member Kate Glynn (A Child’s Garden and Impish – MA) will travel to DC to participate in this very important process. The HTA was formally invited to testify and looks forward to this opportunity to continue the discussion of the need to amend the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). As a new Congress begins, the HTA is hopeful that this will be a large step towards meaningful reform.

    This past April, the HTA testified in a House Energy and Commerce Sub-Committee hearing. HTA Vice-President Dan Marshall (Peapods –MN) stated “Our focus now is to help this process proceed quickly. It has been a very long road to common sense changes to the CPSIA. The time for waiting is over. Congress needs to move swiftly to fix the issues with the CPSIA.”

    ”We now have an opportunity to address issues with the CPSIA in front of the Senate Commerce Sub-Committee. This is an important move to continue our fight to keep specialty retail stores, toymakers and children's product manufacturers from having to close and go out of business due to the constraints of the CPSIA,” stated Board member, Jill Chuckas (Crafty Baby – CT).

    Board member Mary Newell (Terrapin Toys –OR) shared “The CPSIA has caused me to step backwards in how I run my company. To comply with the CPSIA is confusing, changing and very costly. I am just trying to focus on tried and true products and feel very uncertain about trying anything new. I have tested to safety standards for the past 15 years at a reasonable cost to my business but with the new testing protocol, my testing costs have dramatically increased. Without some reform it will be a struggle to stay in business.”

    Chuckas continues, “Over the last two years, we have been told countless times that the CPSIA was never meant to adversely affect small toy companies and the member businesses the HTA represents. Yet time and time again we have hit brick walls when trying to get meaningful reform passed to fix the CPSIA.” The HTA reports that this lack of reform has left their member’s business’ and countless other companies confused and unable to move forward, struggling to navigate the costly labeling and third party testing protocols, without adding to overall product safety.

    Newell adds “We have worked tirelessly, along with many others, to enact common sense change within this legislation, always holding on to the fact that the products we create are and have been safe. We have also seen numerous member’s companies go out of business, change product lines or get out of the children’s market altogether. Not because they were unsafe or harmful products but because the CPSIA has made it impossible to continue what they love and enjoy doing - making and selling creative handmade products.” The HTA remains hopeful about this opportunity to address the committee and looks forward to having meaningful reform of the CPSIA, thereby correcting these unintended consequences.

    The HTA consists of 592 member businesses, including retail stores, toymakers and children's product manufacturers from across the country who want to preserve consumer access to unique handmade toys, clothes and all manner of small batch children's goods in the USA. Formed in November of 2008 in response to the CPSIA, HTA members are parents, grandparents and consumers who are passionate about their businesses as well as the safety of the children in their lives. While in support of the spirit of the law, the unintended consequences of the CPSIA have motivated members of the HTA to work to enact change at a federal level. For more information, visit

    Dan Marshall, co-owner
    Peapods Natural Toys & Baby Care (St. Paul, MN)
    Tel. 651-238-8398

    Jill Chuckas, Owner, Designer
    Crafty Baby (Stamford, CT)
    Tel. 888-788-5168

    Cecilia Leibovitz, President
    Craftsbury Kids (Montpelier,VT)
    Tel. 802-223-7143

    Mary Newell, Owner
    Terrapin Toys
    (Eugene, OR)
    Tel. 541-461-1585

    Press Contact:
    Jill Chuckas
    Stamford, CT
  • 18 Nov 2010 11:51 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Rockin' Green (Associate)
    RDIA Member since 7 May 2010
    San Antonio, Texas

    Rockin' Green soap for cloth diapers SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 18, 2010 -- It's time for moms and dads to say goodbye to the funky, stinky, ammonia-smell they get when washing their babies' cloth diapers at home. To the rescue is Funk Rock, by the makers of Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper & Laundry Detergent. Designed to target funk at the source, Funk Rock is guaranteed to knock out cloth diaper-related ammonia problems in 30 minutes or less. 

    As a natural ammonia buster, Funk Rock was developed by Rockin' Green after thousands of hours researching a cure for cloth diaper stink. This 100% natural laundry compound is enzyme-, phosphate- and SLS-free, targeting ammonia at the molecular level.

    "When it comes to washing cloth diapers, the biggest issue users have is with the ammonia smell," says Kim Webb, CEO of Rockin' Green. "Many users find that over time, despite their best washing efforts, leftover residue will cause their diapers to have an unpleasant smell when wet. Up until now there hasn't been any real remedy to this problem."

    Rockin' Green lab and field-testing proved the product effective on all water types and common laundry scenarios. All it takes is just four tablespoons to de-funk up to 20 diapers in one wash, leaving users with fresh smelling diapers they can use over and over again. Funk Rock also works great as a pre-treatment solution. Simply use one tablespoon during an initial cold rinse cycle to keep ammonia at bay for good. Funk Rock also works great on getting the stink out of pet accidents around the house.

    "We knew an ammonia-buster product was needed after noticing cloth diaper users all over the world spending countless hours on message boards trying to figure out the cure for ammonia," Webb said. "Many are left frustrated and eventually quit cloth diapering all together. As an avid cloth diaper user myself, I wanted to help them find a solution and that's why I developed Funk Rock."

    Funk Rock is available in a 9-oz. one month supply and retails for $12.95. Funk Rock and all Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper & Laundry Detergents, including the new Mighty Mighty Marshmallow scent, are available at or at select retailers.

    Rockin' Green
    is a clean-rinsing laundry detergent that is specifically formulated for cloth diapers but can be used on all fabrics. Rockin' Green manufactures detergents for hard, soft and normal water conditions (known as its Hard, Soft and Classic Rock varieties). It also comes in seven natural scents, such as Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Smashing Watermelons, Rage Against the Raspberry, and Bare Naked Babies (unscented). Rockin' Green was founded in 2009 by Kim Webb, an avid cloth diapering mom who desired a better way to clean her cloth diapers and to treat her son's sensitive skin issues. More information about Rockin' Green can be found online at

    Betsy Mulvehill, Red Jeweled Media,, 612.227.5057 (cell)
  • 31 Oct 2010 5:41 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Sage Diaper (Manufacturer)
    RDIA Member since 24 September 2009
    Santa Rosa, California

    Sage Diaper Launches: The Reviews are in!

    Sage Diaper cloth diapers After 25 years in the cloth diaper industry, Diaperaps Ltd has been relaunced under the name Sage Diaper.

    Our intention was to take all that we have learned in that time and put it into products that would offer parents A Wiser Way to Cover Your Baby's Bottom. Based upon the reviews from the mommy bloggers, it seems we have succeeded! All about cloth diapers (, My Baby's Green ( and The Bragging Mommas ( have all posted raves within the past few weeks.

    We are especially interested in working with fellow RDIA members in launching this new line of innovative, mother designed, made in the USA products. Call or email us about special discounts and how we can work together to support the growth of reusable diapering products.

    Abraham Entin and Rachael Flug
  • 24 Oct 2010 6:59 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    All Together Diaper (Manufacturer)
    RDIA Charter Member since 10 September 2008
    Sandy, Utah

    All Together Diaper cloth diapersLocal Cloth Diaper Advocacy Group Forms
    Cloth Diaper Utah Holds Organizing Meeting

    SANDY, UTAH, October 22, 2010

    An organizing meeting for “Cloth Diaper Utah” was held yesterday afternoon in Sandy, Utah.  This organizing meeting was held to lay the ground work for a group that will meet and initiate actions within the local community to educate the public regarding the benefits of cloth diapers.  The group is being formed now in part due to the recent publicity regarding “diaper drives” by local charities.  The group believes that cloth diapers are a viable option for all families, especially those families struggling to make ends meet in these difficult economic times.

    The new group has made an application to become an official Real Diaper Circle through affiliation with the Real Diaper Association (RDA).  The Real Diaper Association is a national nonprofit supporting parents and small businesses in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers.  Anita Palmer has begun the process of becoming an accredited Real Diaper Circle Leader for Utah.

    Anita Palmer (Founder of Cloth Diaper Utah) – “I decided to start Cloth Diaper Utah to provide a place for parents to ask questions, a place where they can obtain information, attend demonstrations and get face to face support.  I believe families will find that Cloth Diapering is easy, practical, environmentally conservative and very cost effective.”

    “I don't think that Cloth Diapering will work for everyone.  I know that there are obstacles that may prevent some families from Cloth Diapering. But, if a family wants to cloth diaper, Cloth Diaper Utah will be there to support them.”

    Dennis Frederick (RDA member, Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) Board Member and Treasurer and President of the All Together Diaper, Co.) – “I have seen a growing trend of food banks and church groups throughout the country that are providing cloth diapers to families in need.  An essential component of these groups is their willingness to provide training to young families in the use and care of cloth diapers. Without this vital education component the positive results these groups are experiencing would not be as good.  I am hoping our local Real Diaper Circle can become a community resource for that educational component.”

    Lori Taylor (RDA Founder and RDIA Board Member and Director of Communications)
    - "I helped found RDA 6 years ago to support people exactly like Anita. She has a passion to help families use cloth diapers successfully. Anita is ready to help parents learn about the use and care of basic cloth diapers so they can cut down on their weekly expenses."

    "The cloth diaper industry is growing. There are so many brands and styles to choose from that starting cloth diapering can be overwhelming.  Cloth Diaper Utah can be a resource for parents trying to determine which diapers are right for them and their baby."

    "There hasn't been a Real Diaper Circle in Salt Lake City before. I'm excited to see the charity I founded have a presence in my hometown.”

    Cloth Diaper Utah would like to invite the public to our first Meet and Greet Q&A Session on November 10th from 9:30 to 11:00 AM at the Crosspoint Church located at 4490 South 3200 West in West Valley City.  Regular meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at the same time and location.

    Further Background:

    Mission of the Real Diaper Association: The Real Diaper Association is a collective non-profit organization in which parents and small businesses take the lead in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers. We connect current cloth diapering parents to the long history of cloth diapering. Cloth diapers are real diapers. The Association organizes local advocates and activists for cloth diapers through a member-supported resource center which plans campaigns, trains organizers, distributes educational information, supports local groups, and connects users to the Cloth Diaper industry. Local Real Diaper Circles reach users face-to-face with knowledge and tools to make cloth diapering accessible and acceptable to parents, who have the power to change the world one baby at a time.

     – Source for mission statement above and more information of RDA.

    Founding Members for Cloth Diaper Utah: Anita Palmer, Lori Taylor, & Dennis Frederick

    Lori Taylor – RDA Founder, RDA Vice-chairperson & Faithkeeper, RDIA Board Member, RDIA Director of Communications. 

    Dennis Frederick – Owner of ClothDiaper.Com and the All Together Diaper Company which are Utah-based cloth diaper businesses.  RDIA Board Member and Treasurer.  RDA Business Member. & .

    Contact: Anita Palmer
    Phone: 801-969-2000
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