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RDA 2014 Report on Cloth Diaper Co-Ops

RDIA's Co-Op/Black Market Imports WorkGroup has been working on preparation of materials for retailers to use in informing their customers about the issues surrounding illegal Co-Ops and black market importers.  This work has been done in conjunction with the release of the RDA 2014 Report on Cloth Diaper Co-Ops, released February 24, 2014.  Soon to be released and available for download will be postcards and posters that will help consumers identify a "clean diaper" versus a diaper obtained from an illegal Co-Op or black market importer.  A website ( is being developed that will contain the retailer materials for download, consumer and retail testimonials, the full RDA report and other valuable information. 

Find a Daycare
If you are looking for a daycare provider that welcomes cloth diapers, please see the cloth-diaper-friendly daycare directory. If you own a daycare that welcomes cloth diapers, please add your daycare listing. Includes a map. Cloth Diapers in Daycare is a joint project of Real Diaper Industry Association and Real Diaper Association.
Accredited Diaper Service

Find a Diaper Service

If you are looking for a diaper service in your area, search our member diaper service listing. Look for the Accredited logo. 

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To touch and feel cloth diapers before you buy, look for a local store in our cloth diaper retailer directory

Cloth Diaper Industry Survey

June 2008 the Real Diaper Industry Association commissioned a survey of growth of the cloth diapering industry

Real Diaper Association cloth diaper education

Real Diaper Association - Cloth Diaper Education and Advocacy

The Real Diaper Industry Association, a trade association, supports our ally Real Diaper Association, a charity dedicated to cloth diaper education

Find cloth diaper business directories and basic information for parents on Real Diaper Industry Association's consumer website:

Consider Cloth diaper info for parents

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