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Diaper Service Accreditation  

Diaper Service Accreditation is good for business.


What is it?

To help consumers make informed choices about using a cloth diaper service, RDIA members have created an accreditation program that establishes a laboratory testing program as well as the adoption of best practices. By becoming an accredited diaper service, your customers can be assured that the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and customer service are being practiced by your diaper service.

What businesses are eligible for the program?

The accreditation program is only available to members of the Real Diaper industry Association as a benefit of membership. Membership in RDIA not only gives you access to the accreditation program but also gives you access to members' cumulative knowledge of over 50 years of diaper service operations. Join RDIA now.

I'm a retailer or a manufacturer. Is there an accreditation program for my business?

At this time there is not a similar program for retailers or manufacturers, but interest has been growing in creating such programs. As with the Diaper Service Accreditation, these programs would only be available as a benefit of membership. 

Already a member? Volunteer on a committee to help build these programs or many of the other projects RDIA volunteers are working on. Write for more information.  

Not a member? Get involved in shaping the future of the cloth diaper industry. Become an RDIA member.

I'm an RDIA member and would like to join the program, what do I do?

Great! Start by logging in to the website. In the Members-only section, go to DS Accreditation to begin the process of becoming an RDIA-accreditated Diaper Service.

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